Concrete is incredibly versatile and a very strong durable material. We ensure that we use adequate control joints and always consider the load requirements in determining the proper strength to withstand the weight pressure. As with asphalt pavement, securing a proper granular base and grade is necessary for the longevity and stability of your concrete pavement structure.

We are experienced and use quality materials, techniques, and equipment. Access Paving & Interlock prides itself on offering expert installation and quality service for both our commercial and residential clients. The commitment we have to our customers is proven by the long term relationships we’ve built with some of the GTA’s most recognized brands and properties.
Our services include installation and/or repair:

  • dolly pads
  • curbs
  • sidewalks
  • pathways
  • walkways
  • loading docks
  • driveways
  • curbing
  • landings
  • wheelchair ramps
  • garage floors
  • commercial floors
  • forming
  • parging