Asphalt Paving

When constructing any pavement structure, the sub base is very important. Sub base includes a sufficient amount of granular to be installed and compacted prior to any pavement structure installation. A proper base will ensure a longstanding structure and maximize load bearing strength. In addition to securing a good base, the proper grade and elevation will also contribute to longevity. Grading and sloping ensure adequate water run off which will reduce upheaval and cracks. Installing the asphalt is the final step in the process which requires experience and the right machinery and equipment. You can rely and trust on Access Paving and Interlock to fulfill these expectations for a superior job.

We are passionate about paving and you can expect experience, quality materials, techniques, and equipment. Our experience spans 30 years in the asphalt industry. The commitment we have to our customers is proven by the long term relationships we’ve built with some of the GTA’s most recognized brands and properties. to view a few of the customers who trust Access Paving and Interlock with their asphalt paving.

Access Paving & Interlock specializes in small to large size paving projects. We have established ourselves as one of the top and most trusted paving companies in this category in the GTA.

Our services:

  • reconstruction
  • asphalt resurfacing
  • manhole repairs
  • wheelchair ramps
  • docks and ramps
  • parking lots
  • asphalt patch repairs
  • pothole repair
  • speed bumps
  • municipal streets
  • highways
  • pathways
  • walkways
  • parking curbs
  • rout and seal